‘An Immediate Death’ Feature Length Documentary Project

Director: Yusuf Emre Yalçın

Producers: Ezgi Selin Ülkü, Yusuf Emre Yalçın

Production Company: Paspas Film

Turkey, United Kingdom



This is a self-portrait of a filmmaker, filmed during the immigration process from Istanbul to London. Losing the senses of belonging and security, struggling with the challenges of the pandemic, there comes an attempt to build a stable new home using a camera. Chasing a new reality that can be edited. 

As Turkey’s political and economic stability deteriorates day by day, Emre decides to immigrate to the U.K. all of a sudden. Making a sudden decision to leave everything and everyone behind and being in the middle of a pandemic, he loses his senses of belonging and security. He starts filming himself in order to build a relatively controllable and a safe place. As he takes a journey starting from his hometown Sinop to say goodbye to his family, then to Istanbul where he lives with his partner and then finally to London where he will build a new life, this journey becomes a questioning process of his senses of home, belonging and identity. Along the journey, he tells the immigration decision to his family, he pops by the important places for him for the last time, he prepares his luggages and discusses future plans with his partner and finally goes to London to start his new life. With this film, he tries to understand his own immigration decision by re-editing the whole journey. Being stuck in quarantine in the first 15 days of his new life in a stranger country was to make his moving experience a very abstract one though.